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2022.02.11 - 2022.02.27


Eight international artists of different disciplines and nationalities, including painting, photography, ceramics, planting, and dyeing, will exhibit their works of art in Oharano, Kyoto, a vast expanse of nature with the Nishiyama Mountains as a backdrop. This exhibition is an attempt to explore the possibilities of artistic activities from the local area, a unique place of insight rooted in actual experience, and to send them out to the world autonomously, as the world is overcoming the unforeseen confusion caused by the new Corona.





'LANDCAPSULE' is designed to harmonize the man-made and natural environments, and is composed of the concept of "external landscape" with the addition of a new "internal landscape," based on our own evolved technologies. At the moment the deciduous plants in the capsule are dormant, but as the average temperature inside the capsules rises they begin to sprout again. It is possible to maintain the life of plants by automatically controlling artificial sunlight, artificial rain, and artificial wind, and this device raises awareness in the viewer through the slight growth of the plants and sharpens one's senses. Plants have almost no mobility, and they compete with, endure, and change their way of life whilst coexisting in different places. In such a plant society, areas of growth are often already occupied by other plants, and they cannot escape. Plants must either wait until the plants covering the upper layer die, or die first. Many plants are forced to grow in locations that deviate from the optimal habitat where they evolved. Throughout history plants have been transplanted to other places by human hands and survived. LANDCAPSULE is not 'transplanting' to the original organic environment, but a 'crossplanting' to an inorganic environment due to the development of technology.

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